Colosseum underground and Roman forum Exclusive tours

Colosseum Underground Tour

Enjoy this informative look into one of the key destinations of any itinerary with one of our engaging Colosseum underground tour of dungeons and the ancient city forum in the cool and calm evening conditions. This rare opportunity allows you to get inside the dungeons (underground) and Upper ring, both restricted to the general public.  The tour starts from the dungeons, where you can explore the underground tunnels where gladiators prepared for their fights and where lions and tigers were caged before being hoisted into the arena through trap doors.

Then walk the Via Sacra of the Roman Forum before going up to the first and second levels of the amphitheatre before concluding in the upper ring. Thousands of visitors struggle to get this unique opportunity to visit the underground dungeons and upper ring of the Colosseum, since there are limited reservations issuing only 250 each day. Roman Forum was once the marketplace of Rome and also the business district and civic centre. Once a marsh, the area was drained and became a center of political and social activity. A large area with little shade, it is important to bring plenty of water along with you.

The dungeons and underground pathways of the Coliseum, known as Ipogei. Once held ferocious lions and tigers and were the place gladiators prepared for battle. Both man and animal waited their turn here before taking part in the bloody spectacle, watched by thousands.

The upper level of the amphitheatre closed in the 1970s but is still accessible to those who purchase tickets and wish to enjoy a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the ancient Forum, the arch of Constantine and the monuments of Rome. Find more by booking our “Colosseum underground tour”.



  • Access to the dungeons and upper ring of the Colosseum are only allowed with a licensed guide and special reservation. 
  • Duration – 2 to 3 Hours.
  • Please be at the meeting point 01 hour before


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